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I forgot about the Hasselblad and the Rollieflexes, however I mean new cameras that are reasonably priced, to be used everyday similar to the Nikon F3, Canon F1 Nikon F100 Minolta Dynax 9 or even the likes of something similar to the Pentax MX/ME. t least the manual mechanical cameras are still able to be repaired
I'm looking at B&H's new film cameras available, and I see: Mamiya 7 and RZ67, Voigtlander R2, R3, and R4, Fuji/Voigtlander GF667, Vivitar 35mm SLR, Zeiss Ikon RF, Canon EOS 1V, Nikon F6, Leica MP and M7, Rollei 6008, Rollei TLR...

Yes only the R2/3/4 and the Vivitar are under 1000 dollars, but honestly, if you're looking to buy a film camera brand new, you're probably not looking for something less than that anyway. If someone really wants to shoot film in a new camera they can get an R4 and a 35mm Skopar for 1200 dollars (which is the same price as a mid-range DSLR). Although I don't really know why you would want to do that if you can buy an M2 or M3 for the same price, pick up a used CV, Zeiss, or Leica lens and be better off.