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To all the gloom and doom sayers that have predicted the demise of film.

I was just listening to an article on PBS (public broadcasting in America). There is increased interest in analog photography especially in young people in their 20's and 30's. They have become tired of digital seeing it as having little of the creative process associated with it. They also enjoy the expectation with having their film processed This trend is true not only for the US but all over the world. Some camera stores have started selling film cameras again. One of the groups mentioned was "cool girls shoot film."
I had a recent conversation with a Atlanta area camera shop (Wings Camera, in business for 100 years believe it or not) that supplies chemistry to local schools, his comments were that there is a big resurgence in analog at the High School and College levels. Once a student sees a B+W developed print in the darkroom, "and then they get hooked" was the comment. Resurrection of "Camera Clubs" and darkrooms in both environments, and they have personally experienced the benefit of being the supplier to the institutions (arms merchant?) since they have been identified as the source for film supplies, used cameras, etc.

My big question is the destiny of processing, B+W as well as C-41 and E-6. I can remember about 20 years ago when the C-41 "mini Lab" concept was in full swing, and in about any drug store you could find. The drug store labs would have 2 people working most of the time, and meeting the "1 hour" pledge was sometimes tough to do. This was probably the heyday of "film for everybody" because you got pretty quick results in hand, even the 35mm point-and-shoot hardware could pop out decent results, and the 35mm SLR technology was cheap enough to place quality gear in many hands. Hopefully folks like The Darkroom can sustain their processing business model as analog continues to evolve. If Kodak can be a survivor in the analog space, I hope they do but time will tell, and if the reports on Ilford are correct they look to have their act together.

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