Camera's Jim mentioned are good. The question back to you " is changing film mid-shoot something you often do?" Only you can answer if this is needed. Whether you need to hand hold is a good question. Jim is right, hassy's are nice, RB/RZ are tripod mounts, alternatives could be a Bronica GS-1 (my favorite), Mamiya 7 (RangeFinder but sweet), on the lesser $ scale but also good would be a Koni-Omega 100 or 200, also a RF,was the wedding camera of choice back in the day. Excellent len's, easy to hand hold but still a bit clumsy, but easy on the pocketbook. The Pentax 6x7 is "said" to have shutter and mirror vibration at slower speeds (1/60) when hand held. I did not see if the camera on ebay had MLU (Mirror Lock Up) which might be handy at slow speeds on a tripod. Was going to buy a 67 then I looked into and bought a GS-1, feel I got more for less, easy to hand hold also. Am sure others will pipe in with other alternatives just as good or better. Have been getting stung recently on Eprey so be careful, this guy looks legite though. Good Luck.