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Film for everybody is dead.

Everybody doesn't want film. Those of us that do are more than happy to use pro labs (which most of us would be doing anyway, I'm sure), or do it ourselves, or use mail order processing. If you're in an urban area, local processing of any sort should not be an issue, it's just a matter of finding out which lab to use (I use Duggal and CRC in new york city for my lab work.)

The fact that there are "no" mini labs doesn't trouble me, because I wouldn't be bringing my film to them in the first place.
You sound like the kind of person I am in that once I decide I want to do something, I don't settle for "No" or "Gone" and "Hard to Find".

Living in a very expensive resort town, I looked for about a year for a small darkroom space to either rent or coop and found nothing. I then decided to empty 80% of the stuff out of a rather nice sized storage closet adjacent to my apartment and put all of that crap in a cheap storage unit some 23 miles away. So for about $50 a month, I have a tiny but hi-tech darkroom in which I can with good consistency print up to 20x24 from 35mm, 120mm and 4x5 negs.

I send my color out because I do very little of it on film and have no interest in doing it my self. But black and white is 100% mio and it rocks.

I have a great show coming up in about three weeks that has kept me in the darkroom at least three full days a week. I will be the only one with 100% analog images and I love it...:-)