I haven't looked at the forum for awhile... been trying to keep up with some pressing issues here.

I bought a 300mm Componon-S for 8x10in and am now looking for a 360mm G-Componon or Rodagon-G... or an Apo version of either would probably work just as well. Wish me luck.

I bought 150mm Rodagon and 150mm Rodagon-G lenses for 6x12cm so, assuming those perform well, I'm all set for this format.

It'll be awhile before I can test them because my darkroom build is months away. After buying lenses and with other things going on here I'm financially tapped out... more than tapped out. I don't have an enlarger yet anyway.

I need to slow down a bit though because I need to keep some cash on-hand here for something very important.