Anyone had any experience with moving wet prints between locations during processing? Let me explain.

I belong to a camera club about 45 minutes away from my home where they have a 10x8 large format enlarger in their darkroom. I go there to use the kit (i have the LF camera but could never house such a monster of an enlarger) and develop the prints in situ for obvious quality reasons. The thing is, i use fibre-based paper and am faced with put the prints in the washer and twiddling my thumbs for a couple of hours while they rinse through. And even if i did that, i would have to wait much, much longer to let them dry.

So my question is: has anyone any experience of boxing up prints in, say, a plastic food storage box, and taking them home to wash/dry? Obviously, i wouldn't move them until after a good fix, but will they survive for up to an hour in transit before i got them home to finish the process?

Any thoughts or practical suggestions would be very gratefully received.