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Agree, American Idol is not a good example. That's a pop star competition, which has relatively little to do with singing in the end. Intonation, for example, is lousy in virtually every case.
Completely agree.

But the argument of comparing music with photography seems wrong to me. Photography is both an art and a craft. Greatly artistically people may or may not be great craftsmen and people with great craft and technique may not be overly artistic. Both can, and are, learned talents to some extent as well as inborn gifts.

I think both types of people can flourish in photography.

I've always called this the engineering mind vs the artistic mind when it pertains to photography. Some people have engineering minds, love equipment and technique, whether capture or darkroom, and excel at learning photographic theory.

The artistic mind really doesn't care that much about equipment or darkroom chemistry but love the process of taking photographs, and only care to learn enough to duplicate what their brain envisioned the picture to look like.

And of courses you have people that are a blend of these two types.

We're not all going to be great or rich and famous, but we can all still make good photographs and have fun doing it.