Nothing involved with the Cibachrome process is more extreme then the chemicals I've handled in my past experiments so that's not really a concern. Beside, if you've properly educated yourself regarding the materials and you take safety precautions seriously there is little to worry about with even the harsher chemicals that can be used in various photographic processes. Granted, that type of experimentation isn't for everyone and is often more appropriate for those with a chemistry background or at least a solid understanding of the materials and dangers that come along with them. Safety and education are the key to safe handling in my experience.

As far as Ciba being out of production or extinct, many photographic processes have been out of production and "extinct" for quite a long time and the primary common denominator that you find with many if not most of them is an eventual dedication to reviving and continuing work with them despite lack of commercial production. When something is new the honeymoon love affair only last so long. When something has been established as an undeniable fixture in the history and legacy of a medium, there will always be those interested in pulling it from the ashes if at all possible.

So what about this home-brew bleach?