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Is this Civil War Encampment anywhere near your place?

Also I see there is a big one at Hale Farm in August 9-11.

I have been thinking of grabbing some large format portraits of some of these reenacters and Hale farm is the museum farm we have visited near your home I believe. Although not on the schedule for an official APUG visit, I wondered if anyone else had such visions.
The link leads you to a promo for a re-enactment at the Perkins House at 550 Copley Rd., Akron, OH. Perkins was one of the founders of Akron. Go to Mapquest.com, enter that address for a map. Reduce the magnification enough to follow Copley Rd. west to I-77. Follow I-77 north 5-6 miles to Rt. 18. That is Montrose or about five miles south of my house. I would guess 10-12 miles overall.

There is a big re-enactment at Hale Farm in August. I have read that it gets about 1000 re-enactors. Hale Farm is down in the valley near the covered bridge. Normally they do not allow tripods. They may drop that rule for this event, better check with Hale management. Their logic is that a pro uses a tripod. A pro makes pictures to make money. They want the money. Naturally I don’t agree with this logic. I do find hand holding a 7x17 challenging.

“Hale farm is the museum farm we have visited near your home”. No, Hale Farm is down in the valley south of the covered bridge, west of the beaver pond. See their website for directions. http://www.wrhs.org/Properties/Direc...e_Farm_Village

We as a group have visited the OH Farm Museum, 1.4 miles from my house, on Southern Rd. in Richfield. The owner Jim Fry encourages us to make pictures, especially if you give him a print. I worked there two years and gave him 73 prints. Peter worked there a lot with me and gave him scans of his 8x10 and 5x7s for his website.

Let me know if you talk to Hale Farm about tripod permission in August.