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I agree one trial developer is enough. And you can stick with whatever you're currently using. Pyro or Catechol won't do anything remarkable.
You're probably right. You made me thinking about my own plans.
I think - for now - that I limit myself to testing & comparing Ilford FP4+ in "regular" developers like Ilfosol 3, Rodinal, LC29 and Id-11 before I dive into the world of Pyro.
When I figured these developers out (and made my choice of preference) then I can expand to experimenting with Pyro developers.
First of all, Pyro developers don't seem to be available in The Netherlands (Holland) and I don't want to start my own pharmacy yet. And second, using Pyro will be a whole study & experiment in itself. And if Kodak Tri-X works well in Pyro also, I would like to test that in combination with Pyro first, since Ilford FP4+ is a new film to me. Too much new variables is never a smart thing.

For now I'll start with FP4+ in Rodinal and ID-11 at first (I think). Rodinal I've used before and ID-11 seems to be a benchmark.
I wonder if ID-11 will help me overcome my dislike of powder developers??
Is it wise to mix the ID-11 powder into a liquid developer one day before using it, so it can dissolve better over night?