Lars, I understand why you want to sell the collection as a unit, but there's a theorem waiting to be proved -- if it hasn't been done yet -- to the effect that a group of items sold individually at auction will never bring less that the group sold in one lot and will usually bring more. Your inheritance contains some fine equipment, but nothing really special or in high demand. If you something special, say a Super-Q Gigantar, well then the likely venue for bringing it to a rich sheik's attention would be an auction house, most likely Westlicht. But for relatively pedestrian, although good and very nice, gear eBay is the likely venue. Decide the least you'll accept for each piece, start the auctions at those prices, accept what comes and be happy, even though mourning the person who bequeathed the gear to you.

FWIW, one of my friends was a very serious collector of Zeiss equipment. His estate sold the collection to Westlicht for, the widow insists, pennies (and not many of them) on the dollar. On the other hand, the estate was settled fairly quickly and the heirs were able to get on with their lives without spending considerable time trickling Charlie's treasures out through eBay.

Good luck, have fun,