Ciba wasn't the first chromolytic paper made, but coming up with any home-brew dye-destruction color
paper would be quite an accomplishment. It probably rates up there right alongside tranny film in terms
of needing industrial muscle to produce. As interested as I would be in a replacement/improvement for
Ciba, I'm not going to wait !! I unfurled a roll of Fuji Supergloss just two days ago, having moved on
to color neg and RA4 prints several years ago. To some extent, I already know what to expect; but it's
the result of my new internegs from older chromes that I'm really anticipating. I have a tad of past
experience with this, but largely, it's uncharted waters. I doubt that anyone has tried doing it quite the
way I am attempting it. ... and no sense asking me the specifics until I myself see if I've pulled off a
series of gold medals or bellyflops!