I prefer a lens that is wider than normal for 4X5. I chose 135mm Fuji and have not regretted it, it serves most of my purposes. My next lens was 240mm G-Claron and that too was a wonderful choice for a long(ish) lens. My Tachahara will not support anything over 300mm so I'm about maxed out in that direction. I would like a 90 as a wide angle lens but my experiences with Landscape photography does not suggest I have really missed anything.

To go wider than 90mm may entail recessed boards which present issues with cable releases, setting shutter and speed controls.

I wasted time and money with a cluncker camera thinking I could learn some basics to decide if a "real" camera was going to work. The learning curve of a properly working camera is much quicker than trying to work around mechanical problems, and if you are interested in getting your feet wet with 4x5 you will be hooked and might as well not to have upgrade in the first year. Toyo makes good cameras,

Good luck, and welcome to APUG; there are a lot of people here willing to share their experiences.