I occasionally slow off my slides every now and then. People into photography find it kind of cool, seeing a 6x6 positive. But I'd really like to see them how they're supposed to be shown: projected.

I don't want to spend crazy amount of money but I don't think that this is going to be too expensive. I'd like high quality but I'm willing to sacrifice that for economy, availability, and bulbs (I'm not sure how easy to find these are).


I checked freestyle and I see two types of mounts:
http://freestylephoto.biz/452601-Gep...ox?cat_id=2304 (Gepe with Glass)
http://freestylephoto.biz/457031-Gep...ox?cat_id=2304 (Gepe without Glass)

Any advice between these two or any other alternatives? I haven't bothered to check bhphoto/adorama yet. I just want to get an idea from the experienced. I figured that the Glass is mostly for protecting the slide from dirt/dust but this may be unnecessary if handled properly, not sure. I don't have too many slides or plan on accruing too many so I guess I can go with Glass. If I were shooting large volumes then I see how this can totally eat your wallet. At the moment, I have probably shot 6 rolls of slide film and probably would mount a dozen. I'm not that into slide film but I like to shoot it from time to time.


What are some options? I'm looking for 6x6 only and one that is a good value but more importantly the bulbs must be available. I'm not too sure about slide projectors but I would think that finding replacement bulbs might be tricky for some. I figured that there are high-end models and others that are good-enough. Tell me! Anything else I should know about these things?