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I chose 135mm Fuji and have not regretted it, it serves most of my purposes.
I too have a Fujinon 135mm (the older model with lettering on the "inside") - Cracking little lens, lightweight, and oodles of coverage which copes with most things. The other two lenses I usually travel with is a 180mm and a 300mm (and occasionally a 90mm). Sometimes it is a toss up between the 180mm and the 135mm, with the latter usually winning out as it usually travels (reverse) mounted on the camera.

It might be worth hooking up with a local LF user and trying a few lenses before dropping another wad of cash - If you were close by, I'd have said pop in for a coffee & natter.

P.S. I'd suggest avoiding the Xenar lenses - Whilst often found cheap, I've never been impressed by the coverage and nearly always hit the limits on the ones I've tried.