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An interesting discussion, especially what people think of as a landscape lens. I'm from the school that thinks any lens is a landscape lens, not just a wide lens that gets as much in the shot as is possible.
Indeed. I find that 80, 110, 150, 210, 300, 360, and 500 make great landscape lenses on my 4x5, I just hope I have the strength to hike with them for many years to come. If I had to select, I'd choose differently for each trip, but the 150 would always be there, so universal. And maybe 110, just ideal. And maybe 360. Then the 500 is easy to add anyway, and compresses perspective well. Hmm, 300 is lighter. But the 210 gave me good pictures. And what if I need that wide-angle close-up the 80 is good at? Does it get worse when I grow up?