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I just received my 5 rolls of Ultrafine Plus 100 120 film today and did a little comparison. I don't have any Chinese (lucky or Shanghai), but do have some fresh bought Arista EDU 100. I removed the wrapper and about the only thing alike is the color of the backing paper. The glue that holds the wrap on the film is very soft and almost gooey. They are both on plastic spools, but the Arista(Foma) has a cross slot for the wind tab and the Ultrafine has a cross. Also, it looks like the Arista is either wound tighter on the spool or is a thinner film/paper combo. I'll know more when I process it. I have a sneaky feeling it comes from the people with yellow skin, but I could be wound since I have nothing to compare to. The gummy glue is the clue I'm going by.
Just FYI that yellow skin comment was a little racist and kind of offensive. I know sometimes people aren't aware when they say offensive things(like me with almost everything I say), so I'm saying this more as reminder but not at all to be a jerk.


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