Decided to contribute to this forum by writing some sort of a brief review (along side the other hundred already on the internet somewhere on someone's blog ).

I had actually bought the Instax Mini 8 first when I couldn't find the mini 25 in any of the shops here in Malaysia (typical, there was some shortage I think ) but then when i went to Japan, I spotted the mini 25 going for a spell during christmas and decided to cave it and buy it (the Mini 8 went to my sister instead).

Fujifilm instax mini 25
I love this little cam, the controls are ergonomic and well designed. The lens and metering can really take some stunning stuff! It can handle high contrast scenes, close ups and no lens flare whatsoever unless you really force it.

The only major drawback is that the mini instax film are only credit card small. This camera is also heaps better than the other instax because it can easily retract into a nice little pocketable form. I can easily fit it anywhere (bag, pockets, coat)!

Fujifilm instax wide 210
Now here is a big cam! Though it's not heavy as first precevied even when the batteries are in (4 AAs). While you lose the compactness of the mini but it gains a larger format instax film size!

Sadly, the Fujifilm 210 isn't as developed in terms of lens and metering, so far in all my shots where the mini 25 has aced, the 210 falls flat with lots of lens flare as the lens is not coated like the mini 25 and the metering is not as good as the mini 25 so it's prone to either underexposed or overexposed shots when faced with high contrast scenes.

But if you are actually trying to achieved the old arty feels of polaroid shots then this camera might fit the ticket nicely! Because it really behaves like that from the shots I have seen taken with old polaroid.

One would think that the Wide would be an excellent choice for landscape or even some serious urban photography but due to the problem with the metering and lens I actually think it's more suited to indoor or some other non-high contrast situation. But then again, I only just got the instax wide for only a few weeks and tested in limited outside environment while most of the time I have been using it indoors to see how it handles.

Meanwhile the instax mini 25 is an all-rounder and can pretty be used in heaps of situations I have encountered so far (shot it everyday for 2 weeks in Japan and have heaps of shot I put into my travel journal). The only drawback is the small credit card size of the instax mini.