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That hand grip looks really nice.. never had one, that can be a real asset.. does it hurt your wrist after carryig it for awhile? I tend to hang my camera on the neck strap over my head n a shoulder. That takes the weight off it so it virtually is suspended just at the right level when using a chimney or WLF.
I have that same adjustable grip as revdoc shows in his post above on my RZ. The thing is all metal so it can add weight to the already massive kit. It is adjustable so it has a setting for a prism and another if you're shooting with a waist level or chimney finder etc.

I'm sure it would eventually give you a cramp but it really helps making the camera manageable with the metered prism. The meter is awesomely accurate and versatile for street shooting so to me its an essential part of the rig.

They are a bit hard to come by so if anyone is looking, make sure the bottom plate is included. This plate is magnetic and is essential for mounting and gets misplaced. I've seen several with this piece missing on that lovely auction site and the sellers usually dont even know it's needed or existed