Hey all,

Well this lens is still hanging around from my now-sold Pentax 645 kit.

Everything works great functionally. However, upon close inspection, I've spotted some minor "flaws" internally. What looks to be fungus-type growths(not sure if its fungus, but it hasn't grown in the past 2mo since I first noticed it) smack dab in the middle of one of the internal elements.

I can barely notice it unless scrutinizing it very carefully, believe me, I didn't notice it for the first 6mo of my owning it!

It has not had ANY ill affect on sharpness or other functionality of the lens itself, and its ability to deliver tack-sharp results onto film during my usage, and I expect it to do the same with you.

Sale includes the following items:
1. Lens
2. F+R lens caps
3. Soft padded pouch
4. Bayonet hood(a bit dinged up, but still fully functional). *please note this is not pictured, I mislaid it at time of taking pictures, but have found it since then*
5. Tiffen UV filter (77mm) *shows a few marks on the glass, mostly used as an extra layer of protection if shooting in semi-wet(non raining) conditions.

Payment can be made via USPS Money Order, Dwolla or Paypal(split fees 50/50)

Price is $450 shipped in the USA
Int'l add $30 for extra postage costs via Priority Mail Int'l
lens will be double-boxed for shipment worldwide