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Is it because it's nearing spring? Is it the lengthening days? Is it the final stages of Seasonal Affected Disorder? Here we are, 11 months later and another fit of GAS as taken over. Only this time it's deciding between Zeiss 6x9's. 1938 Super Ikonta with CLA'd Tessar and speed-compur? 1958 Ercona? 1950 Ikonta? Zone focus? Coupled rangefinder? PC connection? Western? Commie?

Anyway, last night I decided I need a new lawn mower more than I do an old camera so the crisis has passed.

Gas averted for another year? They say it never really goes away. It just goes into hiding.
Honest - I don't quite know why...

As I write I am admiring my lovely new Agfa Isolette III; seems just like yesterday when I claimed, somewhere on APUG, that I have plenty of folders and didn't need any more. Perhaps what I really meant was that I have enough 6x9's - this one is a 6x6!

And didn't I just start a thread inquiring about the virtues between an M3 and an M2? Result of advice: I will probably try to get a Minolta CLE. The M3 does look beautiful and I just imagine how well it handles...

So my question is: which Ikonta are you going to take a picture of that lawn mower with?