I'm not using this camera and I'd rather have the money. The camera requires a battery to operate and it comes with brand new adapter to use standard 9v (PP3) battery available everywhere. The whole kit has been tested and produces amazing quality photos. I just shot a roll with it to make sure it is in 100% working condition.

There are a few negative things about it though. The lens filter ring has been dented but both filters and hoods still can be attached. The lock for waist level finder is missing so it may open by itself every once in a while. The magnifying glass in the finder seems to be glued in so it's not looking very good.

So, if you are looking for a camera to actually shoot - this is a great deal for you. If you are looking for a camera in mint condition for your collection - this is not it.

The body on the photo is an EL/M that I haven't tested fully but the lens, back and WLF are the ones I described.

The price is $500 + shipping. I will throw in a remote cable with a purchase.