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Is it a matter of height or the enlarger head that defines how large it can print?
It is the size of the light source and the size of the space for the negative holders that determines what size of negative can be used in it.

You generally need to purchase the right size negative holder, a suitable lens and the right lens mount for that lens.

EDIT - I just realized I was wrong when I said you could enlarge up to 4" x 5" with that enlarger. The maximum size is actually 6 x 9 cm with a B5 - still large enough to include 6 x 7.

Here are links to KHB's pages for the Omega B5/B6: http://www.khbphotografix.com/omega/Discontinued/B5.htm

and the somewhat related Omega B7: http://www.khbphotografix.com/omega/Discontinued/B7.htm

as a comprehensive resource, KHB is invaluable, as is Harry Taylor's site Classic Enlargers: http://www.classic-enlargers.com/