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Gas averted for another year? They say it never really goes away. It just goes into hiding.
I am lucky if I can avert it for more than three months. Took a firm decision end of last year not to buy any new cameras or lenses, since you know, I have quite a few already. Yet, three weeks ago I bought a Mamiya 645 Pro TL kit with four lenses, two of which persuaded me: The 80/1.9 and 500/5.6. Since it cost about 400 Euro in total (ZAR 5000), I can hardly be blamed. But it was still going against a firm decision. That's the thing with GAS: Aside from bankruptcy (which also happens to be one of its consequences), there is little that actually helps for it. Running out of space also helps, but that is often only temporary. To me the most useful is to do an annual usage assessment, and to force myself to sell off the under-utilised equipment. If one hasn't really used a camera or a lens for two years, then obviously it is just gathering dust.