I have a friend who used to use a ZF 100/2 MP and ZF 35/2. He was very pleased with the 100mm but eventually sold both lenses because it was difficult for him to hit the focus. He changed the ZF 35 for the Nikon 35/1,4 G and never looked back. Not that the Zeiss was bad (it had a very nice rendition from what he showed me), but the Nikon is f1,4 and has AF and that was the point for him. As far as I know, some of these new Zeiss designs really stand out (the 100/2 and especially the new 135/2 APO as well as some of the wide angles.). The 50/1,4 and 85/1,4 are not that different from their Nikon counterparts if you compare them to the latest lenses from what Ive read.