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Yes, Ian you are correct. A lot does depend on what/where you are shooting. It also depends upon your vision as a photographer.

I actually prefer long lenses for landscape over wides. I use wides for getting in close. Maybe I'm weird!

I feel normal lenses make great first lenses because they are easier to use and have more coverage for learning camera movements.
I think you're normal - just I use wide angles to get in closer as well, or more often when I can't move further back, sometimes I just can't get the shot I require unless I use a 90mm and on very rare occasions my 65mm.

Strangely I had my 210mm Symmar for some time (3 or 4 years) before I really started to use it and I've used my 300mm twice in over 20 years (but I can use it on my 10x8 cameras as well). I guess I needed to learn to see with the 210 and had just become too used to shooting with a 150mm or wider. I tend to shoot subconsciously, by that I mean I instinctively position the tripod (unless working hand-held) and know what lens to use having already decided on the framing of the image.