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Bert, I still think you should read what Ilford says at least for the first try:
Instructions for agitation etc, it is all in there. It might be a good idea to start with an EI of 125 and the recommended development time to get a "baseline" test.
As Brian says you might have to try a few different EI settings and development times to find what works best for you. This depends on your own aesthetic preferences, how you print, your subject matter etc. If you want to give a little more exposure to the shadows and have slightly softer overall contrast, using an EI like 64 or 80 and 9-10 minutes development might be nice. This is in line with what Ilford recommends (for example at a 1+1 dilution for ID-11, and an EI of 50 for FP4+ Ilford recommends 8 minutes at 20C).
Hi Michael,
Your right again.
I realize I forgot to mention that I did download and read the PDF from Ilford. They give the same developing times as the Dev Chart (not surprising).
At first I wasn't sure what dilution to use, but I'll settle for 1+1 as a save one shot developer. This is what most people seem to use anyway.

I'll expose 3 films at once with my Leica and cut each film in 6 pieces (i.e. 18 identical sets for testing).

My first test will certainly be a standard baseline test at EI 125 with the standard instructions for 1+1 dilution:
- developing manually in a Paterson tank for 2 films.
- developing for 11 minutes.
- agitation: inverting the tank four times during the first 10 seconds, then four times again during the first 10 seconds of each further minute.
- stop bath: Ilford Ilfostop 1+19 for 10 seconds (If I can't get a bottle of Ilfostop overhere, I'll use MACO ecostop instead).
- fix: Ilford Rapid Fixer 1+4 up to 5 minutes.
- final rinse: with Ilford Ilfotol wetting agent.

But then: what variables to vary and why?
It seems most people overexpose and underdevelop as a standard method, following Ansel Adams advice to "expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights" (see his book: The Negative). EI 64 and 80 are suggested mostly, Ilford mentioned EI 50. Some overdevelop at EI 125, etc.
Why choose what with which results?
Naturally I have to find my own style and likings. (It seems I like a bit more contrast then most people). But for starters I would like to find out what you experienced folks do (and why) to see what my next tests will be.

So please, educate me ;-)