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Don't like the price? Don't buy it. However if you want a one of Nikon's best - (much better than the 2.8 by the way) here it is, and the price is fair.

You might find one for less, but not an AI-S version, and probably a lot more beat-up.

Try and find a better lens for this much money.....
I don't want to pour fuel on the fire - I was just wondering if you guys maybe misunderstood the price comment from that poster. He may genuinely have meant that this is a great price (underpriced) - which I believe it is.

If I didn't have the 28/2.8 AIS already (which has less distortion and is smaller, if f/2.8 is bright enough for you) I'd be all over this great deal.

To the OP - I hope you sell this beauty quickly. It's a steal, and a wonderful lens.