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The solitude of the DR is truly a healing endeavor for me.

You're lucky with the sink. Although my setup has matured into a very decently equipped workspace, a sink is the one main thing I lack.
I have holding trays and jugs of tap & filtered water handy.
The rest of the time it's up 10 steps to a utility room for final wash.
It seems I climb those stairs way more than just for final washes...
Bruce, that sink above is currently waterless also.
I put a big metal cooking pot to catch water drips and I use jugs to store water.
Chemicals go back to the bottles and expired ones are collected to be dumped at the local city disposable facility once a month.

Finished prints that I want to keep, I just submerge those in an extra tray filled with fresh water, wait until daylight, then wash it with my Nova washer (or just hose it for my RC prints).

FYI that sink is from Delta (http://www.cpmdelta1.com/Darkroom.htm) here in Texas.