I am archiving some old images for my church and setting up conservation for the originals. In scanning them, I am removing any that have been framed (you wouldn't believe what people used - cardboard, newspaper backing, etc - maybe you would believe. . .)

Many of them were not matted, and the emulsion is stuck to the glass. These prints are decades old, some taken with an older "banquet" camera, 7-8" x 18" or so, and are the only prints we will ever have. They are stuck only in a couple of places (small enough to repair the scan in PShop), but I want to separate them from the glass for archiving. The largest area is roundish, about 1 x 2 inches.

Can I soak the whole thing in water, or some solution? For how long? Then try to peel off? Should I just store with the glass in a protected (stiff backed) container?

Any help would be appreciated. (I can post a scan if helpful)