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Hi Guys, I just checked original Instruction that came with Nikor tank. Yes, they made 116 format SS reels!!! And 118 and 122 formats too! Did anybody make some "serious" 116 format camera, beside Kodak folders??
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I've never even seen a 118 or 122 film size camera before... Is this one of those formats that became sheet film? I know some larger roll film was converted to sheet film because the convenience of roll film storage was outweighed by film that was too curly but they liked the size and so started making sheets for the same size. Is this the case?

I don't think they had "serious" cameras in the terms you are thinking... A Kodak folder WAS serious back then, some of them. The Autographic Folder I have for 120 and 116 is super fancy with lots of "features" like B and T and I that's 3 options! I think the instant (I) was the fanciest of the features and an f stop range from f/7.5 to f/45!!! Wow!

The fancier of the two also has 1/25 and 1/100 as a shutter speed option. This was a later model.

How we view cameras today is different than people would from back then. Owning a Kodak when they first came out was like buying a professional model Canon or Nikon for ($3,000) today's money. A lot to spend I think. It was certainly a luxury item. People weren't so entitled to have EVERYTHING as we are today because it wasn't a consumer economy until the 1950's.


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