Not trying to flog a deceased equine, but this thought popped in my head recently when I got back a roll of old Ektachrome E2 film that had been processed as B&W.

The company that did it said that it would be processed first as B&W and scanned. Then, if there were any recoverable images and a good chance of success, the roll would be further processed into color.

I truly do not know:

1) How this is possible if the color dyes (or what remains of them) are already in the emulsion
2) Is it possible that we could have our Kodachrome developed into a B&W and scanned *BUT* left in a state whereby if a viable process were to emerge in the future the film could still be converted into a color image, similar to what the company was going to do with my roll of Ektachrome E2?

Somehow I doubt that we could, but I am by no means well versed enough to figure this out. I did search the forum for an answer and was unable to locate one. P.E.-- out of curiosity, do you happen to know if this is possible?