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Batwiser, put "On Being A Photographer" at the top of your reading list!
My reading list is large and always growing, but On Being a Photographer has been there for some time. Pretty expensive compared to similar small books, but it's in the post now. Unfortunately, I don't think they understand the word 'photography' in my library. What can I say, I live in a one horse town. And, as someone else alluded to, that was the stimulus for a cynical project at one point. The camera can be a weapon, and in that case, it felt like the barrel was in my mouth.

I'll read the book and actually start concentrating on subject matter that moves me. As unpopular as that ideal is in contemporary work, it's simply the only way I can make effective pictures. The naive art I made earlier on in the landscape came from a good, honest place, if a bit superficial. Maybe I'm ready to go back, but perhaps to new places, with a fresh perspective and visual vocabulary. Context of course is very important to me, but shouldn't have to become a stifling intellectual conceit.

I've finally booked my tickets to London to see Ansel. I'll also be seeing 'Island Stories: Fifty Years of Photography in Britain' at the V&A, for anyone who isn't aware of the exhibition, which starts this month. http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/article...hy-since-1945/