Distance: maybe 20' but I'm bad at measuring distance...maybe a little less, I don't' know. I can move it closer or further away. I just want to show this to family friends and for my own amusement.
Budget: less than a few hundred dollars would be cool but definitely not few thousand. If I can get by with $50 then that is very attractive.
Features: I don't care for much, if any, automation. I'm happy projecting one slide at a time and focusing on each slide. I don't have too many slides and I do not intend on using this too often. Automatic loading and remote control would be nice but not if it quadruples the price. Id pay a little more for these features if it makes my life easier but not significantly more.

Something small, portable, and inexpensive would be great. The image quality doesn't have to be the best but it has to be decent.