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If time travel were possible I guarantee that no matter what time period you chose you would find the same age divide. Boredom is part of the definition of being young. Instant gratification is what the young have always wanted. As a youngun I HATED history and everything to do with it. I knew about Ansel Adams because of his images were of places I wanted to go. Old Weston had Charis and she took her clothes off. Honestly I did not need to know any more than that and did not want to. As these young folks who are bored now age they will become more and more interested.
Of course it's true that when you're young you're foolish and when you're old you get wiser, but the problem goes deeper in that I think nowadays we teach foolishness to the young. I've seen so many people talking about science/history/you name it who basically teach that thanks to science we are rational, logical creatures in the 21st century and we understand the world and in the rest of history everyone was religious and stupid and they killed one another and hated their kids.
We teach our kids that anything before now is bad. We teach them that anything that is the status quo is bad. They don't learn to understand the difference between principles and boundaries, boundaries being the limits we get to push as we get older/smarter/further and principles being the things that allow us to push the boundaries (for instance w/o basic math principles like 2+2=4 we would never have had calculus).
I agree with the OP that if this continues many things will indeed be lost. If we teach our kids not to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before than they'll be reinventing the wheel eventually.