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2. What film format you "see" best in. As people have mentioned this can be 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, etc. Personally I prefer 6x7 because it's much larger than the 6x4.5 negatives and is an "ideal crop" format which makes it much easier to find frames.
It's odd but I had never given this much thought. Makes total sense. Shoot how you 'see' right?

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FWIW I have a Mamiya RZ67 with 110 2.8 and 50 4.5 lenses. It is a GREAT camera and really is not as heavy as people say. I've been using it nonstop for almost a year and weight was never a concern with me. It is 95% hand held except for night shots (where a tripod would be almost mandatory anyways). It's no featherweight, but I feel people play up its weight too much.

The camera is extremely modular which is very nice. If you break a back, body, lens, etc you can hop online and find them relatively easy. This is one reason why I did not go with the Bronica GS-1, apparently parts are harder to find for it. I almost went with a Bronica SQ-Ai but decided I wanted the 6x7 format instead.

It's great to hear you're getting into medium format photography hopefully this reply wasn't too tedious to read!
Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about my decision to go RZ. Hope I win the auction I'm bidding on! Thanks Tron!