Hello everyone, i recently bought a Durst Color Head CLS1000. I seem to have a problem with the shutter as when its connected to the timer (Digitim S2000)and i turn this on the shutter opens and closes continuosly without stopping.

I thought the problem was with the timer as when i had the problem the first time the fuse in the timer broke. I changed the fuse and took the timer to an electrician that found another problem in it that needed fixing. Now the timer is fixed (I tried connecting it to a table lamp and it was working) but the problem with the shutter persists and when I turn on the timer the shutter starts to open and close constantly.

If i turn on the enlarger without the timer everything seems fine:the fan works and the shutter does its test opening and closing twice.

Does anyone have an idea of what it could be and if its something fixable?

Do you know anyone in Switzerland that could give technical assistance?

Thanks in advance