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If you will allow that "different" is not "the same", that "looks like" doesn't mean "same as", and merely "saying so" is insufficient to "make it so", then I insist that digital picture-making is not photography at all. And it's about time that digipix accumulated their own tradition and history instead of cadging a free ride from photography.
digital image making is just as much photography as exposing film.
the sensor is sensitive to light as much or more so than film, just because you don't say it is, don't mean it's so.
in some threads, you also suggest that a photographic print isn't a photograph either. if that is so, then paper negatives
aren't photographs either, calotypes, salt prints or anything else, just negatives and diapositives / slides and polaroids and dageurreotypes,
tintypes and anything that is "first generation" ... but then again, they are sensitive to light like a slow sensor so maybe the only thing
that is actually a photograph is a shadow ...