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That's a good point. I need to start looking for a 6x7 carrier. If my enlarger is too old then only the bulb would suffer, no? (as far as printing performance, barring enlarger lens clarity) A new one would get it back to (hopefully) original light output?
If I understand it correctly, your enlarger is designed to be an autofocus model.

As such, you may need to obtain a lens that covers 6x7 and an autofocus track to go with that lens.

It may be that the B5 will work well without autofocus - I do not know.

In addition, there are supplementary condensers designed to maximize the efficiency of the light source for different formats. They would be great to have, but as long as the condenser(s) you have are able to cover the largest size of negative you are working with, things should be fine.