Wasn't me! My current system of cutting into ~220-lengths and running them in the Jobo is working very well and I processed 5m of 2405 the other night. I used my hacked loader to hold the spool and prevent it from unwinding while I wind it onto the Jobo spiral.

Which reminds me, the tape-as-marker trick worked well. Pull the darkslide after every 20 frames (for RB/RZ; it'd be every 32 on 6x6), make a loop of tape and stick it to the film with the sticking-up tab pointing away from the takeup reel, i.e. so that it goes cleanly into the cassette without any folding or likelihood of felt damage. When spooling the film for development, you can easily feel the tape sticking up and snip the roll at that point. That gives you half a frame of exposed leader at each end which is just nice for hanging the film up. You can also put a tape marker on the film while initially winding it onto the takeup spool (one stroke before the counter reaches 1) so that you know exactly how much to cut off the leader.