Each item is $20 + shipping from Toronto, around $10 for most items. Prices negotiable on multiple items. Photos available on demand.


PL is polarizing, CPL - circular polarizing

Blacks PL 49
Blacks PL49
Hoya PL 49 slim
Blacks cross 49
Nikon PL 52
PL 55 Korea
Vivitar PL55
Impakt 58 PL
Spiratone colorflow 58
Spiratone mistmaker 58
Vivitar 58 cross screen
Tiffen PL62 with lever
Hoya CPL67

HP Photosmart 812 digital camera

Vintage hippy camera strap

Agfa 8mm camera with case and extra lens

Bauer C4 8mm camera with film inside (no idea about the film condition)

Kodak Brownie Turret winding 8mm camera

Vivitar Point and shoot camera

Kodak Disc 4100 camera

Nikon SB-18 flash

Ansco 412 MW 126 film camera with unfinished roll inside, counter at #19

Mamiya M645 220 film insert

Mamiya M645 hand grip

Kaiser 20 ft? shutter release

Canon CB-2LT charger

Hasselblad 50 hood

Hasselblad bellows hood 80-250 mm

Hasselblad 500EL electric shutter release

Weston master II exposure meter

Dicapac W410 underwater case for point&shoot cameras

ITT Magicflash for SX70

Vivitar 2800 Flash

All-Mite flash