Selling my 35mm stuff, as I prefer contact printing 6x7cm negatives now. All prices are plus shipping unless stated otherwise. Payment via usps MO, paypal, or cash if in person. I can ship anywhere.

1. Canon A2e, in perfect working order, AF is spot on, so is metering. Does not have the problem with the dial. Shows a bit of cosmetic wear. Has some dust specks on the mirror. Comes with the vertical grip. Selling for $45.

2. Nikon Action touch. A surprisingly good P&S camera, useable up to 3m underwater. Used it in pools and the beach, and it works perfectly. AF is nice for an old PS. Has a sharp 35/2.8 lens. Has some scuffs, but nothing major. $30

3. Minolta 7s Rangefinder + GAF 35 ee. Both has issues, For the GAF the film counter does not work, everything else works. A nice pocketable camera. For the minolta the barrel needs to be held for the shutter to fire. Everything else works as they should. $20 for both.

4. SMC Takumar 135/3.5. Glass is clean, so ar the aperture blades. Some wear on the focusing ring. A very nice and small telephoto, used it with my A2E with great results. $40

5. Nikon n90s + sb30. Eveything works perfectly EXCEPT there is no lcd display in the viewfinder. Shows some wear marks on the body. $30 for both.

6. 11 rolls of 35mm film. 5 rolls of arista premium 400 (exp 4/14) 2 rolls of tmax 400(exp2011), 3 rolls of fujicolor 200 and 1 roll of 400 superia extra. All are 36exp except the fujicolor 400 and 2 rolls of the fuji 200. $22 shipped in the US.

7. Zenobia 6x4.5. Bought this here recently, everything woks, only issue is that there are tiny wisps of fungus on the lens. Ran a test roll thru it and it doesnt seem to affect images. $45

free stuff:

paterson grain focuser, never had any idea how to use this, free to someone who needs it.

negative sleeves for 35mm (5 rows of 7 negatives) still has quite a few sheets left.

canon 35-80mm zoom. Works nicely, no damage.

schneider componon 50/4. I think this has haze, if someone needs an enlarger lens they can have it.