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What a novel idea. A CAMERA store. Film and all that great stuff. And I thought it was an endangered species, like the Dodo bird. Due to my health or lack of same I don't drive at night but I will make it a point to drop by the place some time during daylight hours. Do they have a website?
Yeah my friend been wanting to do that for a while but has limited budget. Now he's renting space inside the gallery actually makes perfect sense, cheaper rent allowing this endangered species to survive. All he has for the moment is a facebook page, as he's just starting up trying to find his clientele. You should stop by day time to say hi to Dan, the hours are Tue - Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm. And perhelps you can go in Friday at day time while he's setting up for his opening.

By the way, Dodo bird