So I am still in the market for the 116 STAINLESS STEEL reel!
Here is a link to the completed eBay ad I mentioned above, which shows what they look like. If you didn't know any different, you might think it is just a normal 120 reel - the same spiral and everything; just a bit taller than the 120 reel.

Some interesting discussions here about available reel sizes. I should mention that I recently expanded into 127 format for my found film developing habit, and picked up a stainless reel for that format too. Here is an example of one up on the 'Bay right now. Kinda like you would think actually - about half way between a 35mm and a 120 reel. I can't wait to try mine out!

As for 11/616 cameras, I would have to say that the most advanced one I can think of off hand would probably be the Kodak Monitor Six-16's which; especially the ones with the top of the line Anastigmat Special lens. These are the "big brothers" of the more common Monitor Six-20 cameras; and are from the 1940's, primarily.