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If I look back about 10 years, I was definitely one of the people you're whingeing about. Thing is, no one is born with the knowledge you expect everyone to have, especially those of us with careers outside of photography.
This is me, too. I realize that I wasn't in the category of artists you were referring to in the original post, but I'd been doing photography to some extent (including classes) since high school. It's really been the last five years that I've learned the most about the history of photography. Not entirely coincidentally, I think my photography has improved a fair amount in the last five years, too. (I left the crime lab and my career behind when I moved to PA five years ago and have been a "housewife" and stay-at-home-mom during those five years).

I do think that "kids" (I include my generation) haven't been taught much about history. I look back at my high school years and see how little we were taught. My mom's been saying since I was in high school (cough, cough, the 80s) that kids aren't being taught how to think, just memorize. I didn't see that then, of course, but I see it now. My parents value education and imagination and I'd like to think my brother and I got a little more than just what the school system offered. But many don't have that attitude at home. They do what they see others of their social set doing and that's it.