My concern is this: since new photographers have no need of seeking knowledge concerning analog materials and techniques from older photographers, they are therefore no longer immersed in an atmosphere conducive to acquiring knowledge of other aspects of photography from those same people. They do not learn the history, aesthetics, the various schools or even familiarize themselves with any of the work of the past. It is as if, for these new photographers, all the greats and what they had to teach us have simply vanished from the Earth.
Why should we care? They with the digimons are only churning out pretentious stuff from a muddled mathematical algorithm.
Besides the point though, digital has no use at all for the materials and techniques that are the cornerstone of analogous photography, whether it is "fine art" or whatever else you want to call it. The 'old masters' are quite rightly forgotten heroes; true, anybody stopping to consider what those Fathers of Photography achieved and how, might finally be on the path to enlightenment.

Until that happens, I ignore them all.