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Fujimotos. Both 31's and 51's. I found that I need the consistency of finely temp controlled roller transport to dial in the right color bias.
Hard to beat a roller processor as long as you have the volume of paper to put through and the Fujimotos are amongst the best. I don't print anymore but I still have my 51 and from memory it takes about 5 or 6 litres of each chemical which can represent an awful lot of wasted money when the soup goes off through lack of use (for those who've not used one, a replenished colour system does not save under-utilised chemicals; the most consistent processing quality and chemical longevity is obtained from machines that work for several hours a day most days). I might sell the 51 later this year if I can find anyone in Australia interested since I'm planning to turn the darkroom into a study but first I'll have to fill it with water and make sure that everything still works OK as it has not been used for several years. A job for another day. OzJohn