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I'm curious, how are you able to fit 70mm onto a reel made for 120/220? Isn't the film about 5mm too wide?
Like this. Principle works the same with Jobo 2501 reels as it does with Paterson reels. The only trick is that when you're reversing half of a reel into the other half, there is ONE orientation where they click slightly and get about 1mm closer together. They need to be in that position.

I'm seriously considering cutting the centre of a couple reels (I have 8 and rarely need more than 6 at a time) and then gluing it inside a little extension tube to make it the extra little bit longer and self-supporting without being on a core. That would allow me to process more than one 220-length at a time. Otherwise, I have the silly situation that I can run 6 rolls of 120 in a single process, but I can run only 1/3 of a 15' spool of 70mm.