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Apologies if this has been covered already, but is your film fresh/known good? I've just developed some rolls of 120 format that are *very* expired and the frames towards the outside of the roll as it has sat unexposed all these years are dark/fogged to the point of being impossible to print.

Also, I have a Stylus Epic (same as Mju 2) and the film advance is fairly loud. Not as loud as a motor drive SLR but I couldn't take a shot on the street without someone nearby hearing it. Manual advance, leaf-shutter rangefinder or scale focus viewfinder cam might be your best bet for the street work. I have an Olympus 35 EC 2 that winds on like a disposable/re-usable plastic camera.
Yep, my film is fresh. I've shot expired film only a handful of times, mostly due to store or my own error. I've only once outright chosen to shoot expired film. Though I do have a roll of June 2012 expired SFX 200 that I still need to use. The HP5 I've been using expires sometime in 2015.

I already have two leaf shutter cameras that are very quiet - the Hexar and Yashica-A. They're not rangefinders, but they aren't the only tools for street photography. The Hexar is a wonderful street camera. I had some film from after the incident in the OP shot with the Hexar (HP5, Portra, Acros) and it's all come out fine. I'm really thinking my hand slipped and blocked the meter sensor on the front of the camera. I don't want to spend on a CLA unless I know that it will help. And so far I don't know for sure, it seems a bit like an isolated incident. But I'm leary of it occurring again (like it just did, but with a different camera this time).