After the purchase of my Devere 507 enlarger I needed to find some glass for my what I thought was a 5x7 film holder (but actually turned out to be 1/2 plate) and I decided to get a piece of AN glass for the 4x5 holder too (I already had 2 pieces of plain 4x5 fitting glass). I initially contacted Odyessy Sales but after an initial contact I heard nothing from them again for a few weeks (even after further emails and a telephone call) I decided to look elsewhere for my needs.

I was looking through an ebay search for Devere items and I came across an auction for a 4x5 AN Glass, in the add it also stated that they could do custom sizes. I contacted Mike (FPoint) and requested a pair of AN Glasses and a pair of plain glasses (1 spare of each) to fit the Devere 1/2 plate holder I had.

The glass arrived earlier this week and a very good job had been done on them. The Bezels were perfect as was the size and I now have a fully functional 1/2 plate (which I shall be using for 5x7) carrier with AN glass on top and plain glass on the bottom.

So if you are in need of some custom cut glass for a negative holder then I can recommend Mike (FPoint) for his great service, and good work.